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In early 2014, I created my first real startup, Loanbase. It didn’t start out by that name, but that’s a different story. Within two years of starting, Loanbase became the biggest P2P Bitcoin lending platform in the world. Within a year of reaching this peak, the company failed and we disbanded! This was a very painful experience, which prompted me to do a lot of soul-searching.

The first sign that things weren’t going well was that one of our best engineers left the company at the very peak of our “success”. One of the…

Lead Generation is key to any successful business development and sales process. Today’s tooling has reached a level of sophistication that allows Biz Dev and Sales leaders to target potential clients with surgical precision. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my blog post about building an automated lead generation gave people a lot of good ideas! The founder of an investment fund reached out to me with an interesting problem for which my automation experience seemed like a good fit. …

For the past several months the biggest issue we’ve been struggling with is finding a repeatable sales process for generating leads. I know, I’m sure everybody has tuned in right now and is waiting for the silver bullet which I’ve discovered! Sorry to disappoint, but there is no silver bullet. However, I think we’ve found a little silver nugget: a no-code way to build an automated lead generation machine!

From outsourcing to automation

In our never-ending pursuit to be innovative in our business, I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible. I picked up a Udemy course called Outsourced Lead Generation Machine. It…

I feel like I’ll be beating a dead horse here. So much has been said about building a strong company culture, yet so few companies succeed. When I read about other companies’ culture it’s a bit strange to hear about the “perks” of the company as if that’s actually the culture of a company. And I’ve heard one too many companies talk about their “great company culture” when all we’re told about is the perks. Let’s take a look at what is “Culture,” how do you build it, and how not to be like everybody else.

Define Culture

If you don’t consciously…

If you’re building a company, you’re not building it by yourself so you shouldn’t be doing all the work by yourself either. You’re most likely building a team of smart people. Those people should be able to take responsibility for things, freely express their opinions, and have the necessary room to independently take impactful actions. Failing to facilitate such an environment will prevent your team members contributing to their fullest potential. That’s not only bad for your business, but it’s demotivational and unrewarding for them.

When I was at Boost VC, each meeting room had a brainy quote on the wall. One of the rooms had the following quote: “Startups are like paper planes, they look better than they fly!” To be honest, I never even liked the look of paper planes, but they are certainly a good metaphor for startups. Even if you build one that looks like it can fly, it will most likely end up in failure. So one should always prepare for failure!

In the first installment of this series, I mentioned that the biggest reason for startup failure is lack of revenue! It should be a no-brainer, but many entrepreneurs (including myself) have failed to grasp this little idea. It’s so obvious: “DUH, of course, you have to try and generate revenue.” One can lose track of this very simple idea while running a startup.

Value → Revenue → Profit

Never, absolutely never, ever, EVER, forget that your product has to bring value to your customers. And there is only one way you will ever know that your product brings value to your customers: when they’re willing…

Running a startup is hella hard (DUH!), so I’ll share my tips to optimize your experience as a co-founder of a startup. We’ll start with the Startup Founder’s Creed:

This is my e-mail box. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My mailbox is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my mailbox is useless. Without my mailbox, I am useless. I must utilize my mailbox true. I must e-mail better than my competition who is trying to take my customers. I must e-mail my customers before…

We’re nearing the November 8 elections and I am once more reminded how abysmally stupid elections are. You have people, who go on television, and they tell the public that they’ll solve some of the most complex problems we face in this country: poverty, healthcare, energy, the economy, you name it, they’ll solve it!

The truth is far from it! Politicians are some of the least qualified people to solve problems and the main reason is the incentive structure. They may have the good will to go into government and solve problems, they may also talk about solving a lot…

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